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Investors looking for capital appreciation are in search of the holy grail of investment: an asset that produces safe, predictable cash returns while increasing in value.
Skwire can help find the right property.
If you’re flipping houses or can sit out periods of low rental income, you’ll want to get into gentrifying areas before the cold brew coffee shops do.
We calculate ‘gentrificatibility’ scores to identify where in the process an area is at any given point in time.
If instead you see capital appreciation just as the cherry on top of your rental cash flows, you’d want an area with strong and stable micro indicators such as high ratio of family-friendly amenities to households.  
We find these data patterns to give you unbiased data so you can make informed decisions.


How much should you pay for outside space in London?

In London, flats with private outside space fetch on average 12% more than those without, say London estate agents Marsh & Parson. Averages however can be unhelpful to individuals. This guy is drowning in a lake that’s five inch deep on average: So let’s get rid...

City dwellers selling sea shells on the seashore

Properties by the sea are becoming more attractive as city dwellers are looking to escape high prices, stress and pollution. Half of residents of urban areas have been looking for properties by the coast, says Zoopla’s research. Londoners seem to be drawn to Margate...

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